Charlotte Robinson

I am currently in my 3rd year studying a degree in Fashion & Textiles at Colchester School of Art and Design. My strengths, interest are producing Digital Prints, garment construction and pattern cutting, Photoshop and Illustrator.

I have gained more knowledge within the fashion and textiles industry through work experience such as London Fashion Week, Couture Tailoring at St. Martin's School of Fashion and my most recent work placement at Paul Dennicci Childrenwears Company; where I am a designer's assistance, designing for Disney.

My ambitions for the future: To have a career in the Fashion Industry as a designer or a buyer.

This blog will show my work/influences and progress throughout the final year of my degree.

Personal Development Plan

Over the years of my education I have noticed my strengths which are pattern cutting & making garments as shown in the following modules, Development of fashion construction, Confirmation of fashion & textiles processes which involved an online ethical fashion company Ascension & also Alterative fashion week held at spatial fields market, London.

 I propose to do a collection between 6-8 outfits which will consist of dresses, jackets, tops, trousers, shorts, leggings and a cape.

I will be aiming my collection at women aged 18 – 35 that love new fashion trends and shop for luxury outfits within high end high street stores.

This collection is influenced by the newly released film ‘The king’s Speech’ I have taken inspiration from 1940’s fashion icon, Wallace Simpson as a powerful and elegant women. Also 80’s power dressing and Art Deco will influence the collections garment structure. I will use trend forecasting and current designers collections from both spring/summer and autumn/winter 11, to develop my collection for Autumn/Winter 2012.

I strongly feel I have considered my final collection throughout all my years of studying and looked at all aspect that I can incorporate. My final collection is a good idea because I am aiming at the sort of market group such as myself as I feel there are many young and middle aged women who like the same fashion style as me.

This project is allowing me to show my strengths within my own collection, which are pattern cutting, time management and more importantly the knowledge to work within the fashion industry.

My collection will be exhibited at some of the most important fashion industry events such as Graduate Fashion Week, New Designers, On/OFF.


For my collection to be exhibited at On/Off, I have recently spoken to Lee Lapthorne director of On/Off, which advised me to apply for the September On/Off fashion show. If I am chosen to exhibit my collection at On/Off fashion show in September, I will design and add new pieces to my collection once graduated.

I am currently in the process of securing a sponsorship from my work placement at Paul Dennicci, this will help me with my materials, production, sourcing fabrics and also my own named sew in labels which will be on all my garments.

I have considered useful contacts that may be helpful to me which are:


  • Lee Lapthorne director of On/Off
  • Paul Dennicci Factory in China
  • Silk Bureau with is a digital printing company that I have send all my previous digital prints.
  • Fabric Shops in London: The Silk Society, Cloth House, The Berwick, Goldhawk Road.
  • Fabric shops Online:,, Dalston Mill Fabrics.

My ambition for my major project is to design for luxury high street fashion, aiming my collection at this type of target group but also using factories in china to help produce my collection which are also used by the high street industry. I feel this will support my future career and securing me a job.

I have already secured a full-time job designing childrenswear at Paul Dennicci, which I will be designing and running my own accounts. I will gain more understanding and experience of the high street. Even though I have secured a design job in childrenswear once graduate, I am still looking for a womenswear design job in London as I have always been aspired to be part of a design team within the high street such as Topshop, River Island, Lipsy London, Forever Unique & Diesel. I will achieve this by inviting all the above to my shows at graduate fashion week and uploading my portfolio to Arts threads website which all graduate have done to achieve a work placement within the fashion industry.